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My name is Taylor Wright-Sanson. I'm an iOS developer and a circus performer. I value form and function. I ride a unicycle and write haikus.

  • Swift wings flutter by
    Sweet nectar and bright colors
    You’re a butterfly
  • Sometimes you don’t see
    What is right in front of you
    It's just a snow bank
  • Dry dirty canvas
    Heavy and unforgiving
    But it smells like home
  • When the dust settles
    A lonely ant will ponder
    and ask where’s the rain?
  • Snowy white crystals
    Glisten and gleam, the sun melts
    Puddling in sighs
  • On Sundays it rains
    So waffles are usually
    The best thing for me.
  • Twelve angry ants stomp
    Only crumbs quiver slightly
    But still the ants stomp.

Happy New Year!

New Year. New website. I’ve had a lot going on recently. I graduated from Mobile Makers Academy in Chicago, IL. What an amazing experience. I learned so much! Since I’ve been back on on the east coast, I’ve been expanding on all the learning I did while in Chicago. I’m also looking for full-time work as an iOS developer. Know of something? Shoot me an email.

I’m using Github Pages for this new site. The look and feel is very similar to my old site, only I’m using Jekyll for my blog platform. It took me a little while to teach myself how to navigate the structure and figure it out but now that I’ve got it down it’s great. Jekyll makes blogging nice and easy. All I have to do is write this post in markdown and save it in my site’s _posts folder. Push to Github and it’s up and running.

For developing the site Jekyll is great as well. To run Jekyll’s built in development server just run the command $ jekyll serve in the directory of your site. The server will run at http://localhost:4000/. This is great for previewing changes before you make them live.

I’m going to use this blog as a place to share projects I’m working on, tips I might have and the occasional haiku.

Written on January 1, 2015